Weekly Listing Insights

Weekly Listing Report 11/01/20 – 17/01/20


This insight is focused to provide a fair & independent update on weekly listings, to the community of the blockchain industry. Coinsflare is a listing monitoring and analysis platform, created and driven by a tightly packed team of technologists, crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs distributed across the globe and finds the requirement of executives and enthusiasts of this space very momentous.
The data provided in this report is strictly taken from the coinsflare.com platform. Any crypto project / asset / blockchain firm mentioned in this report is not endorsed by Coinsflare. The information provided on this report does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice.


The week had 43 events, of which 10 events were related to new pair listings and the rest
were coin/token listings.

Events by exchange

The week had more events than an average week. Crex 24 topped the numbers with a total of 8 events, followed by Hitbtc and Binance with 6 & 5 events.
Other exchanges data: Cex.io – 4; Exmo & Livecoin – 4 & 3 each; Others – 13.

Listings Classification

Of 33 listings, 13 crypto assets went up, 8 went down and 12 assets either : i) had no volume; ii) the coin had no movement; iii) the coinsflare engine did not record any volume.


Top 5 Performers

Of 33 new listings this week, the table below denotes the price action of the top 5 assets that gained more than 10% just after the trading started(of that particular crypto asset) :

• CRAD was listed on Livecoin on 17/01/20 and recorded a peak price of 0.01BTC, +99900%
• UGC was listed on Bitmart on 16/01/20 and recorded a peak price of 0.0004066BTC, +39759%
• BYRON was listed on Crex 24 on 15/01/20 and recorded a peak price of 0.000045BTC, +5525%
• GAS was listed on Cex.io on 14/01/20 and recorded a peak price of 50USD, +5163%
• ETHBNT was listed on Poloniex on 16/01/20 and recorded a peak price of 0.0004979BTC, +1559%

    Exchange Uptrend distribution.

    Of 33 listings, 13crypto assets went up. These events were recorded on : Livecoin, Binance, Btc markets, CoinEx,Poloniex, Crex 24, Bitmart, Cex.io.

    Exchange Downtrend distribution.

    Of 33 listings, 8 cryptoassetswent down. These eventswere recorded on : Hitbtc, Binance, Bitforex, Livecoin, Bithumb, Crex 24,

    Weak Volume Uptrend distribution.

    Of 33 listings,12 crypto assets either showed no movement or did not had any volume; or the coinsflare engine did notrecord any data. These events were recorded on : Hitbtc, Binance, Btcmarkets, Exmo, Crex 24, GDAX, Livecoin.

    The coinsflare engine recorded 43 events this week, which includes 33 listings and 10 events relating to pairs. On the exchanges side, Crex topped the list with a total of 8 listings. Volume on the exchange was average.

    With upward rising trend of Bitcoin, we saw 8 newly listed digital assets going down. One of the reasons may be low volume. However, 13 assets went up and 12 assets showed no price action (or the coinsflare engine didn’t record any volume) – total 16 listings.

    Of the assets that went up, ugChain (UGC) recorded a peak price of 0.0004066BTC, a whopping +39762.7%. It was listed on Bitmart on 16/01/20 and the initial trading price was 0.00000102BTC. The coin maintained a healthy uptrend (+25151.96%)  until the close of the tracking event. Another coin that recorded the highest peak of the week is CRAD, that was listed on Livecoin on 17/01/20 – peaking at +99900% just after its trading started.

    Coinsflare engine also recorded the worst performer with a steady decline of -92.05%. BtcEX (BXC) was listed on 14/01/20 on the Crex 24 exchange with an initial trading price of 0.000083BTC. The price action of the coin was heavily bearish.

    Top exchange with most uptrend distribution – Binance.

    Exchange(s) with most downtrend distribution – Crex 24.